I really enjoyed your Acoustic Potluck CD.  
You've got some great tunes and great playing.  
All the tunes have got something, but I
particularly liked Noodler's Harnpipe (great title),
Boiled Okra and Gravely Harmonic.  The slow
ones - Garden Walk and Three String Waltz
sound like they always existed.  

I'm sure Joe (Scurfield) would have been very
happy with your version of "Balls to Hall".  It's
come to you slightly changed...but the heart is
still there.

Pete Challoner (Old Rope String Band)
I've listened to the CD 3 times already, and I really
enjoy it!
The coolest thing about the Tune Book, is that in
the back of it there are paired songs, same as the
medleys on the CD, so an instrumentalist can
play along to the tunes. Excellent idea, and it
gives a bit of Kansas here in California.. .

Hi 'Three Bean Salad'

Many thanks for the great cd and also
for doing a lovely job on my tune.  It
sits nicely with the tune after it also.  

Well done and keep up the good work

Best wishes

J Marsh
Acoustic Potluck review from Italian website The Long Journey

Seconda prova discografica per questo trio del Kansas composto da Mike Black al mandolino, da lui stesso autocostruito, Dayle
Dryer Black al fiddle e Mike Yoder alla chitarra. La band solitamente si esibisce alle locali barn dance ed ai farmer’s market,
situazioni di festa dove lo scopo principale è la parte godereccia legata alla cucina e la danza, in coppia o di gruppo, a seguire. Le
melodie quindi proposte sono tutte basate su arie di origine irlandese che dall’isola oltre Manica sono giunte nel nuovo mondo
durante il periodo dell’immigrazione dall’Europa alla terra americana. I tre si sono impadroniti così a fondo di questa tradizione che
quasi tutti i 18 brani strumentali proposti, di cui 9 in formato medley, sono di composizione della coppia Black. Alla traccia 14
compare anche un pianoforte dato che Dayle è pianista di estrazione classica prima di dedicarsi al violino. Le tracce scorrono tra
reels, jigs, tunes, power tunes, dance sets e walzer. Il violino fa da guida al suono del trio in accoppiata al mandolino che lavora
anch’esso all’interno della melodia talvolta con qualche seconda voce, lasciando alla sola chitarra tutta la parte ritmica. Tra le note
in stile tradizionale di tanto in tanto c’è qualche guizzo di inventiva fantasiosa fuori dagli schemi che apre in soluzioni armoniche
differenti dall’incedere dell’album. Album gradevole, senza troppi scossoni, musica strumentale adatta, appunto, alla danza.
Consigliato a chi desidera immergersi per un oretta circa nell’Irish sound.
I have to tell you that I play your CD almost every
day.  I know that sounds strange and it is because I
never listen to any CD that much.  I love the entire
thing!!!  I'm not just sucking up either, it is
awesome.  I want to learn Four Mile Post and Red
Crow really really bad.  They are in my mind
constantly.  You guys BETTER be working on CD
number 2, don't know if I could handle another one
and share playing time with this one, but it would be

Debbie Mullins
Got both of your cds and WOW.....
love 'em. Your selection of the old  
tunes and celtic stuff is pretty scary as
most are my faves and your  
new tunes are wonderful.
Both cds are part of my road selections
and I have had opportunity to listen
to them a number of times. Your
arrangements are super. Love the solid
punch of the guitar playing.  
Fiddle and Mando.... what can I say.

Ed Lehner
Three Words About Your CD...


Mark Foster
Random Reviews and Comments
I have enjoyed listening to
your CD. It is fun to follow
along with the book ,and try
to see if you are following
what is written…most of the
time, as far as I can tell. I can
picture you guys playing

Dave Firestine
Hey Mike and Dayle,
Thanks so much for sending me
three bean salad..it's totally
eclectically cool.
Excellent job on the tune writing
(like the waltzes and Old Dog
and thanks for the recipe to boot.

Best wishes,
Rodney Miller
Hi Mike and Dayle,
"I love your music" What a
GREAT sound!!  Your Three
Bean Salad- Acoustic Potluck CD
is getting a real workout.  I
picked up your CD & Book while
at Ashokan and have about wore
them out.  I bought a lot of
things, but haven't enjoyed them
nearly as much as I have your
CD.  It's just Wonderful!

P.D. Midgett III
I've been playing mandolin on and off for 4 years.  I hadn't
been motivated to practice until I heard your Problem
Solved/Biscuits & Gravy - I knew I had to play this music.  We
don't seem to have the traditional dance culture here that you
enjoy in Kansas and therefore we don't have this kind of
music.  I think your sound is terrific.

Dan Smith
I listened to the new Reels & Fakes
CD on the way home from
Winfield.  It helped to quell my post
Winfield depression.  The CD is
fantastic.  Great job!  And I love the
"vinyl" artwork too.

Best regards,  Glen Schmidt
"Reels and Fakes" and wanted to post the first review
before Rolling Stone got their finger-picking fingers on it.
The packaging is first class yet economical and shall I
even say "green"? I'll add that it is totally retro. You open
the package to reveal an LP not a CD and think "Wait a
minute. I can't play this. I don't have a record player."
Fortunately, someone with Three Bean Salad has just
"disguised" the CD in a black motif that looks like a
record. How cool is that. It really isn't a record. But
what is really freaky is that you can't see any grooves on
the CD back. What is there to play! It is so shiny! Is it
blank?  NO - it's full of great music. Wow. Best CD out
of West's studio since Katrina was knocking on his
Louisiana studio door. This CD makes other CD's look
like.........well.......ahhhhhh......CD's. Cuz this one looks
like an album not a CD. Now if I could just get the
needle to stay on this little thing I could start dancing.