Specializing in Snakehead A4 and the Loar A5 style Mandolins and Octave Mandolins.
Mike Black Mandolins
About me:   I first started building mandolins in 1994 when I got the great privilege to work as an apprentice to
Paul Schneider of
Summit Mandolins.    I have been collecting wood and tools for several years for my own little
shop and have recently begun building mandolins full time under my own name.   I'm focusing on A4 & A5
Mandolins in the tradition of the late 1920's Gibson A4 Snakeheads and the Lloyd Loar A5, as well as some Octave
Mandolins and Piccolo Mandolins.

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  Feel free to contact me at:
785-749-6768   or e-mail at:   mike@blackmandolins.com

Also check out the Facebook page and the new website:  www.blackmandolins.com
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Octave Mandolins
A4 Mandolins
A5 Mandolins