Welcome to the website for the Lawrence, Kansas based band: Three Bean Salad.  

Three Bean Salad is:
Mike Black - Mandolin * Dayle Dryer Black - Fiddle * Mike Yoder - Guitar  
Contact:  Three Bean Salad
Three Bean Salad Rocks!!!!
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Last Update: 7/27/2017
Since 2004 Three Bean Salad has been serving up an eclectic high energy style of acoustic music that incorporates a
blend of Old-time, New England, French-Canadian and Irish styles.  The band is especially fond of tunes that have a
unique twist, or sets of tunes that perk up listener's ears and dancer’s feet alike.  The members of Three Bean Salad are
four time winners of New Song Showcase at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas.  

The band recently recorded a new collection of original Kansas tunes for their new CD  "
Reels & Fakes" which consist
of 15 original tunes written by Mike & Dayle Black, as well as a few other favorites.